Graphic Design

The Graphic Design program helps students to develop skills in listening, negotiating, research, thinking creatively, idea generation, and manipulating visual languages and techniques. Students are encouraged to cultivate and share ideas, as well as develop their own philosophy and unique way of working.

Degree Overview

Bachelors Program

In their first year, BFA candidates are equipped with the core ideas and skills necessary for a career in graphic design, and in the second choose an elective module where they can employ, extend, and challenge those ideas and skills. Students study alongside working artists and designers on thesis-based projects.

In their third year, students devote themselves to the exploration of their own questions, within the area of practice that they have selected through the support and advice of an assigned mentor. When students graduate from Roux Academy, they have contacts in professional community and a curated portfolio that they can immediately start submitting to clients and employers, but moreover, they leave with an education that will last them a lifetime.

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