Academic Programs

At Roux, students work in specially designed studios, within a community of practicing artists and designers, where discussions between students in different years and in different subjects are promoted and encouraged. They have access to well-equipped workshops across the school and are supported by technicians and instructors highly skilled in their craft and its processes. Students practice inquiry-based learning, informed by well-developed theoretical and historical positions. We expect our students to display self-motivation and autonomy, which form the basis for originality and risk taking. We promote the absence of boundaries, as the basis for real innovation.

Academic Departments

Roux is comprised of eleven departments, from 3D Graphic Design to Video and Filmmaking. A sample of our departments and their unique focuses are summarized below. Please contact the department chair(s) for more information.

Professor Stuesse has had a long and successful career in the arts, having received many commissions over the years in cities from Chicago to Bangkok, but always returns to “the job I call a dream.” For his dedication to teaching and community involvement, the Roux Academy is proud to award him with this year’s prize, which also includes a stipend for pursuit of personal projects outside the academy. Congratulations, Professor Stuesse!

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